If You Really Love Christmas…

…you should probably stop reading right now. 

Disclaimer! I’m not a grinch, swearsies.  I like Christmas!  I like Christmas smells, Christmas socks, Fa-La-La-La-Lifetime movies, Christmas goodies.  But, for some reason this post came out with a bit of a negative spin.  Why pretend I’m dancing around with the ladies and leaping with the lords if I’m not? 

Shortly after Thanksgiving,  I was trying to get my sister to nail down her Christmas plans because she and her fiance try to coordinate multiple families and celebrations, so we plan around her.  She skated the question and then two days later I got a handmade invite to her house for Christmas. 

There are three reasons I went all bratty little sister on her for this:  1. She obviously knew what she was plotting, but didn’t want to acknowledge it because she would rather 2. passive aggressively 3. hijack Christmas. 

I get WHY she’s hijacking Christmas.  She’s trying to create her own Christmas traditions and she’s taking a stand.  The invite was basically like, this is what we’re doing and if our families would like to see us on this family holiday, you will get your asses in the folding chairs gathered around our poker table that is awkwardly placed kind of in the dining room, kind of in the living room and covered in a red plastic cloth. 

Oh, and you will bring whatever lame dishes I assign to you.  I got hot appetizer and rolls.  A.  She spit out the hot app I brought to Thanksgiving because it had cayenne in it and it literally was hot.  I like spice and my Artichoke Bites recipe I found for this weekend has it too.  Just remember, dear sister, you signed me up for it.  B.  She makes awesome rolls.  She has a honey crescent recipe that she lovingly makes from scratch using her fancy breadmaker.  I bought frozen rolls, two bags for $5, at Fry’s.  And they’re wheat because I’m healthy like that, even though no one else in attendance is.  Again, you signed me up for it.

I claimed to be “over” this issue with my sister before, but apparently, there may be some lingering resentment. 

I’m excited for Christmas, but not EXCITED like I was for Thanksgiving.  There will be food, family and of course, forced family fun, but I think Christmas in the traditional sense is for the kiddos and we have none in the family, so our celebrations have tempered and that’s okay.

I’m sure I’ll be snorting candy canes of Christmas glee as the day gets closer, presents arrive and get wrapped and treats are made while watching A Boyfriend for Christmas  (a Fa-La-La-La-Lifetime movie) and probably Love Actually (collective sigh for the part where the adorable Brit holds up the signs at Kiera Knightley’s door). 

But for now, I’m stuck working for the week despite having the attention span of a chipmunk.  And my tummy hurts, making my inner hypochondriac assume I’ll be laid up with the stomach flu until the new year and I’m mostly upset about how that would effect my training schedule.  I should not be allowed in public when I’m cranky.


2 thoughts on “If You Really Love Christmas…

  1. It’s hard to not be grinchy when you feel like family is literally sucking the joy out of the holiday. I have family that’s trying to do that to my trip home to TX. I’m not going to let them, but it was a close call.

    Good luck with your forced family fun. 😉

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