December Budget Update – Week 1ish

So far, I have spent $977.26.  Yep, almost half of my budget in a week-ish!  But it included a lot of my big expenses that come at the beginning of the month (plus my school loan payment that usually comes at the end, but I made early).

So far, I have really wanted to stop at Taco Bell and get froyo and buy candy at the checkout counter  (restricting my budget apparently brings out my inner fat kid).  But, I haven’t.  I don’t need or “deserve” these things.  I don’t even like Taco Bell.  I need, want and deserve to SAVE money (and prove to myself I can) and SPEND it on things that are actually important to me. 

I have been frugal with my gas usage because even though I drive a compact car, I’m always surprised at how often I fill up!  Walking to the grocery store also really helps you stick to a list!  I made my own black beans, buying a dry bag for less than the cost of one can, which makes a lot.  How much?  I don’t know.  A LOT.  In other news, I’ve been eating A LOT of black beans. 

I got the personal shopping bug out of my system, using a gift card (a Thanksgiving gift from my company, which my coworkers mocked, but I was thrilled about!) to scoop up some cozy lounge wear – and still have $11 left on it, yay H&M and Target!  Now I can focus on my Christmas shopping for others, which is where a good chunk of my budget is allocated. 

Other “free” items I plan on cashing in on this month:  taking my empty bag of Starbucks ground coffee in to the store for a free tall drip coffee ( it’s how I rationalize buying it over a less-expensive bag), a register-generated coupon for a free grande anything at SB (free coffee gets my panties in a twist in a good way, obviously), my monthly extra rental from BB and a free medium pizza from Papa John’s for donating blood.  I have been craving pizza!


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