Reverb 10, Day 7 Community. Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

In 2010, I definitely found myself in the blogging community.  I think it was in 2010 that I discovered the awesomeness that is Google Reader and began to actively jump into strangers’ lives on a daily basis (and stopped thinking of them as strangers).  I lost a little of that when I switched blogs and I actually felt that loss.  It’s why I was upset with my mother in a way that I hadn’t been since I was a surly teenager.  The blogosphere is a funny space because you put everything out there but then think you can stay anonymous.  I’m trying to balance that now and am happy with the growing sense of community I feel around my new blog.  I’d like to nurture that in the new year and even meet some of these bloggers with whom I sometimes feel so kindred.

In 2010, I left my job at a resort, which had hundreds of employees but never felt like a community.  Everyone there was out for blood and only looking out for number one.  I joined a small office as the sixth employee and feel much more connected with the people I work with now.

In 2011, I’d like to find a sense of community in my city.  I proclaim, probably a little too loudly, that I don’t fit in here.  I always wanted to live in Scottsdale, but now that I’m here, it feels like L.A. East and I left L.A. because it’s not my style.  That’s very narrow-minded of me and I know that.  Stereotypes are typically there for a reason, but they are not absolutes. I think with a little effort, I will find a niche in Scottsdale in which I feel comfortable, whether it’s with other bloggers/writers, through a running group, by volunteering or something else.


3 thoughts on “Community

  1. My blog is walking a dangerous line of being discovered. I tremble in fear of it actually happening. I think I may go back and purge a few posts in preparation for that and be a little more circumspect in how I say things, though not what I say.

    I love the community I’ve found through my blog and I consider my blog friends to be real friends and not strangers.

    If you feel like nurturing blog friends in Germany, well, you know where to find me. I have a really comfy couch and an air mattress.

    • Definitely save the posts for yourself! I love having a record of who I was at a certain time in my life, but I definitely didn’t like feeling censored, thus starting over! Good luck staying on the right side of the line! Travel is in my future and I love comfy couches, I’ll definitely let you know if I’m heading your way!

  2. I’m writing on this topic tomorrow and my wish for 2011 is the same. Sadly, I’ve lived in my area my whole life but never really got involved within it. But I really want to!

    Oh, and my answer for 2010 is the same as well! 🙂 Blogging is pretty cool! Hehe.

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