Letting Go

Reverb 10, Day 5 Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?

Quirk alert:  I pick future wedding dates. 

I think it was working in a hotel catering office for a year where we planned a ton of weddings and I had endless calendars for booking future dates at my fingertips.  On occasion, I would scroll a few years ahead and pick lovely sounding dates for my own nuptials. 

One of mine was May 1, 2010.  On May 1, I watched my best friend get married.  I “gave” the date to her when she started her planning and it just worked out well with their plans.  It was a beautiful wedding and I couldn’t have picked a better couple to celebrate that day.

It’s not that I let go of my date, it’s that this year, I let go of the idea that I would be married by a certain age.  I let go of the handful of men I thought at one point that I might marry. 

I thanked my lucky stars that I’m not married to the other handful of men I dated that were not at all right for me, whether I knew it at the time or not.  I thanked my lucky stars that I’m not married at all, because it’s not about the perfect date and being married by the perfect age, it’s about the right man at the right time who will work with me to create a wonderful marriage. 

I still have the idea of getting married on my parents’ anniversary in the back of my mind, but the year is TBD.


One thought on “Letting Go

  1. I always wanted to get married in late October or early March. The one month I didn’t want to get married in? August. It’s hot and just not a pretty month in Texas.

    Cheers to letting go of the “right” age to get married. There is no right age. Just the right person. 🙂

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