Me V. The Budget

December is not going down without a fight.  I’m participating in Reverb 10.  I’m continuing my training for my half-marathon.  I’m taking my personal training certification test.  What am I most scared of tackling next month?

Spending my money responsibly.  I’ve been tracking my spending for years, but have never come up with or attempted to follow an actual budget.  Until now. 

My spending has been out of control.  It doesn’t feel out of control, but when I look at what I’ve spent, the little things are adding up like I can’t believe. 

I have an idea of what I can live off of per month because it’s what I was spending before.  Before being when I had a job that paid absolute crap and that’s all I could spend.  It’s not anywhere near what I’ve been spending lately, although the idea was to maintain that and focus on saving.  If I can avoid spending money today, I’ll have saved $123 for the month and that’s because of a last-minute hail Mary (I’m still getting paid out PTO from my last job).  Not what I had in mind. 

For December, though, I’ve worked out a plan of how I can spend that amount – gifts, charity and fun included.  It’s based on what I have been spending in certain categories and what cuts I think I can make.  Here it is:

$30           groceries 
$70           eating out (including dates, bars, etc.)
$820        rent and bills
$120        gas
$100.61  insurance
$21.68     entertainment (Blockbuster subscription)
$127         health
$15            toys for tots
$150.25   school loans
$25            credit card 
$370.46  gifts
$50            travel
$100         misc. spending 

It definitely seems manageable, but like I said, I’ve never followed a budget.  I’m such a rule follower, except when I’m the one setting the guidelines (diet, study schedule, stay away from this or that bad boy…forget it!).  If I stick to it, I will also be able to exceed my savings goal for the year.  The idea, of course, is also to NOT put anything on my credit card.


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