The Next Challenge

I signed up for my half-marathon earlier this week! It’s a charity race, which I find much easier to sign up for than a shiny race that is WAY more expensive because it’s just so damn shiny (*cough* P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll *cough*). 

I found a three-month training program, which I modified since the race is just nine-ish weeks away!  I’m thrilled with this little calendar I made and am so excited to have a schedule to follow.  Too often I’ve found myself skipping workouts simply because I didn’t have a plan.  I can’t use that excuse anymore! 

I made a training calendar like this before when I was trying to get back into a fitness routine, but it hit the back-burner.  I’m making this a priority.  It’s just an hour or so of almost every day that I can take to remind myself that I’m important AND totally capable of achieving this goal!  I think it’s a bit of an extra challenge to take this up during the holidays, but a great way to stay focused on fitness throughout the hustle and bustle and temptations!

There will be a reward at the end, fitness related, of course…perhaps a bike, a running skirt, a Garmin (although I really want one NOW to have even more fun with my training)!  Since I did my 10K at 1:13 with no real training or consideration, my goal is 2:34 (figured out with my mad 8th grade algebra skills).  There, universe, I put it out there!

5 thoughts on “The Next Challenge

  1. Go You! I wish i could commit to something like that but seriously running is like torture to me, the stitch in my side always gets me. Good Luck! I hope you raise lots lots for charity 🙂

    Alice X
    Guys, Boys & Men

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