With an Asterisk

There are crushes – Rebel is one 🙂 – then there are crushes with caveats.  Perhaps it’s limiting, but when I find myself crushing on a guy I wouldn’t imagine I normally would, I usually qualify it with a caveat. 

I’ve had a geek crush, a short guy crush, an old man crush, an East Coaster crush, a Cowboys fan crush (just kidding, that one would REALLY never happen).

Not that there’s anything wrong with geeks, short guys (I’m 5’3″ on a good day so there are not many who are actually shorter than me anyway), older men or men from the East Coast, but those things aren’t on “the list.” 

First of all I know that lists are ridiculous and I know these are superficial qualities.  Men are a complex combination of a lot of qualities and to disqualify someone because he falls into one of these categories is wrong and potentially a big mistake.  I guess that’s why I still crush on them.  There’s less pressure if he’s not EVERYTHING I think I’ve been looking for anyway.

Plus, it’s always nice to be open to new experiences.  My geek crush became a great friend and cuddle buddy (and let’s be honest, my go-to guy for all tech-related questions).  My short guy crush was really funny and helped me perfect the art of a dry joke.  My old man crush reminded me that there ARE guys out there who know how to treat a woman.  And my East Coast crush was surprisingly a nice breath of fresh air when I wanted to have a decent conversation. 

And now, just because I wrote this, I’m going to end up married to a short, 40-something computer programmer from Jersey who for some reason likes the Cowboys.


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