Liar, Liar

The first thing I did this morning was lie to myself.  Although I’ve been looking forward to the day when thinking about the guy who recently dumped me is NOT the first thing I do, this is not where I wanted to go with it.

My alarm went off at 4:30.  Eek.  That is MF early.  The plan was go to the gym for tread time and weights before work, but when I heard that God-awful sound, I thought, “I don’t want to.”

This excuse is great.  It’s why we go to school for 16+ years.  It’s why we suffer through braces and zits, crushes that actually leave us crushed and awful first and entry-level jobs.  Because when we come out at the other end, we’re adults and we can do whatever we want.

(Is it wrong that sometimes I think that means eating chocolate cake for dinner because I might as well save the calories of eating actual dinner if I’m just going to eat the cake anyway?)

I reset my alarm for 5:40, but after discussing with myself for 4 minutes, I was getting up because the lie was that I actually DID want to get to the gym and work out. 

I’m just getting back into working out in the morning, but when I was hardcore about it before, my early morning conversations with myself were more like, “you’re never going to regret getting up and working out, but you WILL regret hitting snooze” (although getting hit by a car if I’m running outside is one of my biggest fears and if THAT happened, I might regret it) or, “this is your only opportunity to work out today” (if I had plans after work, often like more work, or on occasion, a social activity).

Whatever the motivation, I’m glad to be back on track and glad that I’m learning to be honest with myself about what I want and going for it, soon to expand to other areas of my life.


2 thoughts on “Liar, Liar

  1. I’ve gotten so bad about working out. And it’s having all kind of ill effects on my mood. But, I’m starting to carry a gym bag with me to my lessons so that I go work out after B heads to practice. I have to game plan because this cold dreary weather just makes me want to curl up and do nothing.

  2. Good for you for getting back on track. Working out is my center of sanity. … When I am in the habit. It is where I clear my head. It is where I feel in control. I can always take something good from a workout outside or in the gym – even on a bad day. I find though, when life gets crazy and energy gets low, it is the first thing to be dropped from my schedule. I too am trying to get back into the swing of things as I need to find balance again. Good luck!!!

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