Well, Hey Aunt Flo!

Is menstruation really an appropriate topic for a blog?  Well, I don’t have many readers, I’m assuming they’re mostly, if not all, women, and I’m finally anonymous, so sure, why the hell not?

So, I’m not preggars.  I got the confirmation call from the doc last night, after imagining all weekend how that conversation and the subsequent convos could have gone differently.

“Hey, remember me?” and “Hey, remember how you were thinking of getting a vasectomy?  Too late!” were the potential icebreakers.

Then, I got the physical confirmation today.  Along with the cramps, other tummy ailments and feeling of entitlement to eat crap and be lazy.  Oh good, I was hoping that would come right before my first business trip (I’m en route as this posts, yay!).  I like knowing that my body is working but I don’t like FEELING it. 

My last roomie would always blame PMS for everything.  Not in a scapegoat way, but she would honestly feel like she was going crazy, then step back, look at a calendar and realize it was just her hormones.  We lived together for two years and were all synced up, but I never had the same issues.  The apartment would have been quarantined if that were the case.  However, maybe I would now like to blame my roller coaster that was last week on this little visitor.


One thought on “Well, Hey Aunt Flo!

  1. I think menstruation is a lovely blog topic. I get a bill about once a month and I talk about that incessantly. I have a period for a week out of the month and I’m supposed to sneak a tampon into my purse and hope no one knows I’m menstruating?

    I’d say congratulations to not being pregnant but I’m not entirely sure that you didn’t want to be.

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