Runner’s Body

I spent Saturday moping. I watched Sex and the City 2 and Hope Floats (on repeat…oh Sandra, if only you knew back then). And bought butt paste/judged the girl buying a pregnancy test. And bought a couch (I’m an emotional shopper, but this one definitely takes the cake). Okay, so I guess I wasn’t too big of a mope, I did shower before 3pm and I actually ate for the first time in a while.  Waffles for dinner, nope, that’s not the sign of a mope.

I knew what my body needed – endorphins – but I wasn’t ready to give them to it. I needed a random Saturday.

On Sunday, Hope Floats was still in my DVD player, so I figured, what the hell, but just once more. Then I moved my butt. I took it to the treadmill to work up a sweat. I have my first 10K on Saturday and I’m so unprepared.  I’ve come to terms with that and I’m going to participate and complete it, but those are my only expectations. Trying to force myself to train for it didn’t work for me.

Now I’m running for me. I ran again this morning and despite the soreness I have from running + weights yesterday, it felt even better today. At 4:45am (which truly was 4:45am because in Arizona we don’t do any of that “fall back” crap).

I almost forgot how much I like to work out just for the sake of working out. My runner’s body right now is more like that of a 65-year-old arthritic woman, but it will get better.  I know it’s only been two days and I know I’m only going to be more sore tonight when I try to do more weights and worse tomorrow when I am going to spin class, but I’m going to work through it because my body needs the endorphins and my brain needs the distraction.  And I really like to sweat.


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