My Journey Into Mental-Health-Issues-Land

I have a massage scheduled after work today, but I’m just guessing it’s going to take more than 60 minutes for the therapist to pull my shoulders down from my ears.  I have been so tense and anxious for the past few days, and while I can pinpoint a few potential triggers I cannot figure out how to calm the fuck down. 

Spin calmed me down for a bit last night, but what with my already racing heart, purposefully trying to raise my heart rate was probably not the healthiest idea.  Post-spin, my formerly-knotted stomach was calm enough to realize how hungry I actually was and I ate my first good meal in days, but this morning it’s right back to only being able to handle black coffee and water. 

On the upside, I might meet my weight loss goal for the month much quicker than anticipated.  Like tomorrow.

Panic attacks are NOT supposed to last this long.

UPDATE:  Less than an hour later, perhaps as a combination of writing it out, discussing anxiety-inducing issues via text with the new guy and running to Sprouts for some Bach Rescue Remedy (and taking said Remedy) at lunch, I feel better.  A good scientist would have kept some control variables to discover what the actual cure was, but there was no time.  I’m just glad to no longer be going crazy.


4 thoughts on “My Journey Into Mental-Health-Issues-Land

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