Keeping Up With the Joneses

 I’ve always been a saver. My sister used to make fun of me (reaching for anything she could think of to me mean as sisters do) for having a large (for a 10-year-old) savings account and, at times, rubberband banks y’all.

Apparently saving money made you lame.

As an adult, this is still a catch-22. Yes, saving money means “lame” brown bag lunches, having to say no to happy hours and going to the movies, but in a world where saving is lame, does that mean credit card debt is cool?  Eek.

Blame it on elementary school, no one wants to be the adult equivalent of the kid who eats paste. 

Anyway, why bother with thinking about what personal choices are best for us when we can just let advertising companies, marketing execs and groupthink tell us?

In a society that talks so freely about things that would make your grandmother blush, we still won’t own up to our financial issues.  Yes, it’s crass to talk about money, that is a social taboo that has actually stuck, but everyone would benefit if they could at least be honest with themselves.  And if it were okay to speak up to your friends and tell them that you actually don’t think they’re fat and have bad personalities, but that you can’t hang out when hanging out mostly just means spending money.

I’m definitely getting better at that.  Practice makes perfect.

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